Information is an important success factor , but how do we get it?

It is important to be aware of the inside and out in your field of work if you want to succeed in what you do. Whoever has the information has the ability to continue.
Below we list the most important sources and tools that can help you find the information you need about customers and competitors:
You can ask professionals with experience in this field to do research for you and provide the information you need 
There are two types of specialists
1- Companies:
Which you can visit or contact to help get what you need famous firms of this field are:
• Integrity
• Brand vision
• AC Neilson
2- electronic platforms
Which you connect to via the Internet and send a list of the required data. Famous sites in this field are:
• Surveymonkey
• Repucom

Using the Internet (Online Research):
There are many tools that help in collecting data over the Internet, the most famous of which are:
• Facebook Audience Insights
Help you know the interests of Facebook users. For example, if you are looking for information about e-commerce. Once you type it in the tool's search field, you can get data about numbers, ages, geographical distribution, and other information about users who are interested in searching about this topic. As well as other Facebook pages interested in this regard.
• Google Keyword Planner
This tool allows you to obtain data about the search volume of a specific for a specific field. You can specify the geographical location and language, and you can also use the filter to get better results
• Similar web
It is a website specialized in analyzing websites, where you can analyze data of competitors' websites or websites that you follow to benefit from them in your field of work. Where you can obtain data related to the rank of the site globally and locally, the number of visits and engagements to the site, the geographical areas it covers, as well as the interests of visitors.
There are also other popular tools that can be used to obtain data, for example:
• Slide share
• YouTube
• App stores, reviews
Experiment with researching how to use it to obtain data and leave your comment if you have any questions.


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