Market Research: Get the right information, Take the right decision

You can take the right decisions if you have the right information
Market research is one of the very important tools you need to evaluate, analysis and validate your business efficiency and chance of success.
You perform market research to get the below information:
Find out if there is a demand for your product / service
Analysis and understand your competitors, strength, weakness, market share
Identify business performance issues
Get data information perform SWOT analysis
Find out how shall you start, run and control your business
Get information that enables you to create business plan
   Market research methods
Expert firms
You can ask one of the firms that are experienced in this field to make a research for you and present the information you need
 There are several online market research methods like keywords in search engines, audience insight which is a Facebook tool, joining media groups ( LinkedIn, Facebook) in your business field can help you collecting information as well. Another online method is observing your customer’s profiles in media.
Visiting your competitor’s sites is great method to get required information about both customers and competitors,
One to one meeting is an effective way to get opinions and comments about the target market.


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